Sunday, September 29, 2013

California media finally note Obamacare a rotten deal for young people

Among the many things the mainstream media have ignored or downplayed about Obamacare is how terrible a deal it is for young, healthy people. The Mercury-News finally got around to pointing this out today... - Cal Watchdog

It is mindboggling that this wasn’t a key focus of the Romney campaign last year. The high deductible for young Obamacare enrollees is the least-reported huge downside of the fiasco. It basically means millions of healthy people under 40 will pay big premiums and in normal years get nothing for it — no help with their medical bills.

The temptation is strong to say that it is karma that young voters are going to be abused by Obamacare. But if they didn’t know it was coming, courtesy of our atrocious media and a somnolent Romney campaign, it’s not all karma. It’s also because of corrupt journalism and political incompetence.