Monday, September 30, 2013

Hollywood, women’s magazines pulling hard for ObamaCare

ObamaCare and its exchanges finally open for business tomorrow, and the ensuing six-month enrollment period is going to mean a concerted effort from the Obama administration and its many progressive allies to persuade the young and healthy people they need to sign up for the system’s proffered insurance plans to balance out the costs of its inherently riskier insurance pools. - Erika Johnsen/HotAir

Getting the message out to the youths, of course, means enlisting the media mediums that they frequent, often outside of the traditional political orbit, i.e. celebrities and fashion magazines, via the LA Times:
The current Cosmopolitan magazine explains the Affordable Care Act with the “Top Eight Ways Young Women Benefit from Obamacare.” Glamour lays out the “Five Things You Need to Know” about the marketplaces kicking into gear Tuesday. …

“Lots of women who will benefit may not read the New York Times or Politico but do read Cosmo,” said one administration official working on the project, who requested anonymity to discuss strategy. “Much bigger reach; reaches women exactly where they are – and they’re a key demographic.” …

Top administration officials have been talking to women’s magazines, including Woman’s Day, Cosmo Latina, Marie Claire and Ebony, several of which are running stories in their October print issues. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America has started the website Obamacare Works to take questions about how the program operates.
...I doubt we’ll be hearing from these youth-targeted PR efforts over the coming months is anything about how this entirely involuntarily program will in fact offer most young people a menu of comparatively more expensive options which they must either purchase or pay the penalty. Combined with the conspicuously bleak employment scenario that far too many of them are facing as a consequence of the Obama administration’s opportunity-crushing economy, and it actually doesn’t sound quite that cool

AP fact check: No, you can’t keep your plan, and other things we should have already reported - Ed Morrissey/HotAir

...This was one of the biggest falsehoods proferred by ObamaCare advocates all along. In the US before passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 85% of Americans had existing health-care coverage — and 87% were happy with it. In fact, half of the uninsured were happy with their health care. Overhauling the system that satisfied 85% of Americans in order to do something with half of the 15% unhappy with their situation only made sense if the 85% could be assured that their situation would remain the same.

Of course, that was nonsense all along. Too bad the AP couldn’t have done more fact-checking along those lines before now....

“I don’t remember saying that everyone in the country would have a lower premium” - Guy Benson/HotAi's Green Room

Well, that’s what recording devices are for, Nancy. We covered the former Speaker’s attempt to slither away from her own Obamacare sales pitch back in June; now the current Speaker is highlighting his predecessor’s shameless revisionism:

‘N Sync shills for Obamacare; Tweeters wave ‘bye bye bye’ - Twitchy