Monday, September 30, 2013

Obama Wants a Shutdown, He Got a Shutdown

President Obama delivered more remarks on the shutdown/spending/crisis governance war today. His remarks were, as usual, full of hyperbole and spin. - Bryan Preston/PJMedia

Other congresses have also fought over spending and attached conditions to debt ceiling hikes, going all the way back to the time of Eisenhower. Democrat congresses shut the government down under Reagan, about a dozen times. You’re not supposed to know any of that, though. Obama caters exclusively to low-information voters (and dishonest hacks in the media) with such remarks....

He chooses to lie about it and make people on the other side angry. That’s his schtick.

What can you do with such a dishonest man occupying the Oval Office?

Report: Reid Stopped Obama From Negotiating With GOP - Townhall
Reid’s strategy boils down to a few factors: If Democrats give even a few small concessions on a short-term stopgap funding measure, Republicans will demand even bigger concessions to avoid a debt default in mid-October. Since Republicans have been engulfed in an intraparty war over how far to take a shutdown threat, Reid and his top lieutenants are convinced that the political backlash from a shutdown would be devastating to the GOP, potentially costing them their majority in the House.
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