Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yesterday, the Obama administration had the road to the #IwoJimaMemorial barricaded to prevent any entry to the site by vehicle... today, there's a happy ending:

Iwo Jima Memorial Closed, Barricades Erected (Update: Vets Break Through) - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard

Another open-air memorial in the Washington area is closed and barricaded off: the Iwo Jima Memorial, just across the bridge from D.C. in Rosslyn, Virginia.

"There has been no coverage of Iwo Jima being closed and it is a routine stop for Honor Flight visitors."

WEEKLY STANDARD UPDATE: I'm told, "The Syracuse Honor Flight just knocked down the barrier and a couple hundred of them are at the Memorial now."

If the Japanese at Iwo Jima couldn't stop them, well...

Video: Meet Vets who moved “water-filled barriers” to get to Iwo Jima Memorial - Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion

We have located the group of 64 Honor Flight Vets, and they are from Syracuse, NY. Their trip was paid for, in part, by money raised by Syracuse University students.