Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Teacher Living In $400,000 Home Gets Obamacare Subsidies?

Today the White House and the Twitter #GetCovered campaign have unveiled a new poster touting “Gregg F” as the newest Obamacare success story. It claims it lowered his rates to just $32/month. - WeaselZippers

So what does Gregg spend all his money on as a teacher? Apparently donating to political stuff …

Despicable Obama: Lost that coverage you liked? ‘Just shop around!’ - Twitchy

How Big of A Damn Liar is Obama? - Larry Johnson/No Quarter

This clueless man-child, the son of an unstable single mother, genuinely does not understand what average folks are facing. They cannot find “Affordable” Health Care. Most are facing higher deductibles, higher premiums and less accessibility to care.

Heck of a job Barack.