Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frightful poll sends Dems screaming

Those “junk” health plans - Neoneocon
◼ If that's not bad enough: Another deadline looms… - Neoneocon

“What genius came up with that timetable?” asked one key Democrat, who declined to be quoted by name because he is involved in private White House talks.

Frightful poll sends Dems screaming - FOX

Scary stuff - It was a dire WSJ/NBC News poll that drove Republicans to the exits on the partial federal shutdown three weeks ago. Now it’s the Democrats turn for a fright. The president’s tanking poll numbers and the surge in concern over the beleaguered ObamaCare rollout will push more moderate Democrats to conclude that their best path is away from the president and his law. Shutdowns are temporary. ObamaCare is forever.