Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Gallup Poll Reveals Americans Would Rather Pay Fine Than Enroll In ObamaCare

Of course you know that the official roll-out of ObamaCare has already begun. And you also probably know that it is required for (almost) every American to actually have health insurance by January 1st, 2014. If you do not actually carry health insurance, then you will be subject to paying a fine, assessed by the IRS on your tax return. -

So, the one big question that I would have for you is this: will you enroll in ObamaCare, assuming that you do not already have a plan that will continue, or will you pay the fine? Just for the heck of it, assume that your plan ends up dropping you (sorry to play devil’s advocate on this one), would you be more likely to obtain a new ObamaCare plan, or pay the fine? How about if it cost you twice as much in terms of the monthly premium and also had a higher deductible?

Gallup recently conducted a poll that was released on Friday with some surprising results. They reminded the participants of the fact that if you did not obtain insurance coverage, this would lead to the payment of a fine. Even after reminding them of this fact, only 56% said they plan to get insurance. 34% said that they would pay the fine and 10% said they were undecided. Gallup also conducted the same poll last month, and it showed that 65% were planning to get insurance.