Sunday, October 27, 2013

"I once had a person leave a message on my home answering machine telling me how he was going to come to my house, tie me up, cut off my eye lids, and force me to watch as he raped and murdered my family."

My Fear - Erick Erickson/RedState

...People ask me all the time if I fear the people who do these things. My answer is always no. I feel sorry for people so wrapped up in politics they have to make a jackass of themselves on a street corner to someone they don’t know or show up in a drive way to look menacing. I certainly worry for my family when I’m out of town. But I don’t fear these people. I feel sorry for them.

Let me tell you what I do fear.

I fear that because of these people, their hatred for me, and the world’s hatred for God Almighty, that my children might decide it is a far better path through life to find an accommodation with the world than have the world hate them because of either of their Fathers — the one here or the one in Heaven.

I fear my kids might decide to go along to get along....