Thursday, October 31, 2013

Afghan women will suffer if the Taliban returns to power

When the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is completed next year, what will happen to Afghan women? - Cal Thomas/Washington Examiner (AP: Image source)

Will a resurgent Taliban return them to wearing burqas, withdraw them from schools and force them to live behind painted glass in their homes, permitting them to leave the house only when accompanied by a blood relative?

..The United States has invested billions of dollars and the lives of nearly 2,100 service members in Afghanistan.

To allow Afghan women to be forced to return to subservience to a male-dominated religious fundamentalism would mean they died in vain.

This should not be an issue limited to a feminist organization. It should be something about which all Americans must care.

Google “help for Afghan women” and contribute to an organization with which you are comfortable. We owe it to those who have died and were wounded. It can be our continuing gift, not only to Afghan women, but to all of humanity.

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