Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CBS: Insurers backing out of the ObamaCare exchange markets

TPM reports that insurers are telling Congress that a delay of the individual mandate will make the price shocks worse in 2015: - HotAir
Insurers Tell Congress: Beware Rate Shock If Obamacare Enrollment Extended - TPM (image source)

As AHIP put it in a separate statement issued after the senators' Friday letter, an extension "could have a destabilizing effect on insurance markets, resulting in higher premiums and coverage disruptions for individuals and families."

"Moreover, if these vital enrollment incentives were to change, the premiums health plans filed for next year would have to increase to account for fewer young and healthy people signing up for coverage. Extending the open enrollment period could also cause significant uncertainly and instability in 2015 premium rates as health plans would have to start submitting premiums to regulators before knowing who is enrolled in their insurance plans."