Monday, January 13, 2014

Google's reach expands into your home more via $3.2 billion Nest acquisition

Nest gives Google some design knowhow as well as a lot of home energy data. Google's tentacles are spreading into your home even more. - ZDNet

For Google, Nest founders Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers will bring some more design knowhow to the search giant, which has a hardware side of the business via Motorola. Google will also be able to harness more data from individual homes as well as garner more data.

Consider the moving parts:
◼ Google has mobile access via your smartphones and various apps on multiple platforms.
◼ Google has multiple ways into your living room via Android and Chromecast, a streaming TV gadget, as well as tablets and PCs.
◼ The company had tried to monitor energy usage with utilities, but scrapped the plan in 2011.
◼ Google's Android will increasingly be in your car.
◼ And Google is working the robot market.
It remains to be seen how all of these efforts fit together, but it's clear that Google's tentacles are spreading.

Feds Push Software to Monitor Americans' Energy Usage... - CNS News ◼ Via Drudge