Wednesday, January 15, 2014

America deserved an earlier warning about Obama’s military mischief

Why didn’t Gates sound the alarm sooner? - Frank J. Gaffney Jr./Washington Times

...It didn’t have to be this way. Had Mr. Obama not serially communicated weakness and irresolution, hollowed out the U.S. military, undermined it further with social engineering on matters ranging from homosexuals in the military to women in combat and embraced some of the most dangerous of our Islamist enemies — including the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and even representatives of the Taliban — America’s security interests might not be in free fall around the world today.

There is, therefore, no small irony in the current rap on Mr. Gates‘ book — from some Republican savants as well as the predictable Democratic partisans — that he shouldn’t have published it until after the end of the Obama presidency in 2017.

To the contrary, it would have been far better if Mr. Gates had exposed his insights into what was happening to the common defense far earlier.

Indeed, one wonders: If Bob Gates had resigned over the practices and conduct we are now told infuriated him, instead of staying in office and accommodating them, might his warnings have prevented, or at least substantially reduced, the wrecking operation that is currently devastating our all-volunteer force and putting our country and the rest of what’s left of the Free World in ever greater jeopardy?