Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An advocacy group called “A is For” has collected a band of Hollywood comedians and musicians for an event they are calling “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas.”

link - Michael Minkoff/Last Resistance

Money raised by the event will go to fund abortions in Texas, since stricter Texas laws have regulated some abortion clinics out of existence.

Comedians Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifinakis are scheduled to appear, as well as musician Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

...Touting the event as a night of “comedy and music,” A is For shows just how tactless and clueless abortion-rights activists really are. Apparently they don’t realize that they are literally selling laughs to pay for the death of babies.

Hollywood fundraises for Texas abortions with ‘Night of a Thousand Vaginas!’ - Caroline May/Daily Caller

Tickets are now sold out but they ranged in price from $60 – $100.