Friday, January 17, 2014

Disgusting: Katty Kay Blames ´Fallible´ Ambassador Stevens For Own Death, Lets Hillary Off Hook

In a disgusting display of just how far the liberal media will go to preserve Hillary Clinton´s presidential prospects, Katty Kay has blamed Ambassador Chris Stevens for his own death, while letting Hillary off the hook. - Mark Finkelstein/NewsBusters

Dianne Feinstein derides GOP attacks on Hillary Clinton over Benghazi report - Tim Mak/Washington Examiner

...Nothing in the bipartisan report, Feinstein said, assigned any blame for the attacks to Clinton, who was secretary of State at the time.

“Ultimately… the final responsibility for security at diplomatic facilities lies with the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,” said the "Additional Views" approved only by Republicans. “We believe there should be a full examination of her role in these events, including on the night of the attacks.”...

Chambliss: ´Didn´t Seem Like the WH Really Wanted to Get tothe Bottom´ of Benghazi Attack - Susan Jones/CNS

"I can tell you that within hours, Saxby Chambliss, as the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, knew that it was a terrorist attack. And within 24 hours knew that there was a suspected al Qaeda leader involved and maybe even more than one individual involved with an al Qaeda affiliate involved. So as to what the White House knew, surely they knew more than I did, quicker than I did." - See more at:

Sen. Feinstein defends Hillary from Benghazi report; Brit Hume destroys claim with one question - Twitchy