Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Wendy Davis has built her campaign around a provably false story of poverty and struggle as a single mother. Adding to the growing sense that she is not who she is selling herself to voters as, a report by the Washington Free Beacon reveals that Davis has spent upwards of $131,000 of campaign funds on Austin luxury suites since elected to the Texas Senate. - Frances Martel/Breitbart

Davis, who has been in the Texas Senate since 2008, is from the Fort Worth area and required amenities to live in Austin while she was serving in the Senate. The apartments and suites she chose to live in between 2008 and 2014 took from the campaign fund monthly rents comparable to apartments in central Manhattan, as well as use of services like maids. Rents increased over time as Davis upgraded from a $2,000-a-month suite at the Monarch in 2008 to an apartment costing her campaign more than $3,000 a month by 2011, at which time Davis moved to an apartment at the Ashton in Austin.

Despite her significant salary as an attorney, which the Free Beacon estimates as just over $275,000 in 2012, Davis did not pay for any of her accommodations or the maid service at the Monarch. All expenses were paid by her campaign--from donations and assorted funds meant to keep her in office.

The Beacon posits that such a life of luxury directly contradicts the image that Davis is trying to sell Texans in her gubernatorial campaign.