Monday, February 3, 2014

The Heart-Breaking Video Of Employees Learning What Obamacare Will Do To Their Healthcare Plan

The employees aren’t the only ones unhappy with the changes. Owner Gary Simonetta will see his insurance premium increase 63%. - CNS News

Members of Congress have figured out what Obamacare did to their staffs. So...They've bailed. Why can't you? - Jane M. Orient/Washington Times

Most see President Obama’s executive decision to delay the employer mandate in Obamacare as a gift to big business. Likely so, but it is also a massive, stealthy tax increase on individuals.

There are two major reasons why individually owned health insurance is much more expensive than employer-provided plans. First, premiums are generally less in group plans. There is a larger group to share the risk, and employed individuals are likely to be healthier.

Second and probably more important, employer-provided insurance is purchased with pre-tax dollars. Your health benefit is not subject to either payroll or income taxes. If you buy insurance yourself, though, it is with after-tax dollars. Depending on your tax bracket, this could double the effective cost.

If you lose your employment benefit and have to go to the individual market, your premium will probably increase — and you will have to earn about twice the value of the premium in order to pay it once Social Security, Medicare, federal income taxes, and state and local taxes extract their share.