Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"...more freedom, to use a certain buzzword"

White House spokesman Jay Carney sums up what the Obama presidency thinks about your freedom. - IJ Review

During a press conference on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary called ‘freedom’ a “buzzword.” He was discussing Obamacare’s effect in lessening work hours because it lowers the hourly threshold an American must work in order to obtain health care.


Sometimes you can disagree with spin from this White House while still admiring its political craftsmanship. Yesterday was not one of those days. Rocked on their heels by a CBO analysis of ObamaCare that’s going to spark full-blown panic among Democrats up for re-election in 2014, White House spokesman Jay Carney ran a spin session that involved claiming unemployment is the essence of freedom – it’s great that people can quit their jobs because ObamaCare will subsidize their health insurance at everyone else’s expense, because they’ll have more time to work on their cowboy poetry or whatever.

Keep that in mind when you’re looking at your gigantic ObamaCare premiums and deductibles, young and healthy suckers. You’re paying three times what you used to pay so that older people who really don’t want to work can feel more free to quit their jobs....

Carney topped off his disastrous press conference by claiming that “freedom” is just a “buzzword,” a line that’s going to show up on T-shirts for years to come. Way to make the entire United States recoil in disgust from your Administration, dude.

We find ourselves forced into an ugly debate about the nature of freedom. Liberals, as explicitly stated by Carney, think work erodes freedom – you’re not really free unless you can say “the hell with it” and do whatever you want, fed, clothed, and medicated by the maternal State. To modify the old folk song, freedom’s just another word for nothing left to do.

...The same law Obama is praising because it will reduce the workforce by making work unnecessary for 2.5 million people is also forcing elderly nuns to pay for contraceptives. When you’re dependent on the State for your livelihood, even your ability to vote becomes a largely theoretical “freedom.” They know which way you’re going to vote. You can’t afford to make any other choice.

When we expect everyone to seek employment, we are showing respect to our fellow citizens. Obama’s attitude is outrageous in its contempt for the American people. He really does think the American dream is a reasonably comfortable dead-end existence, with the working population obliged to cover the bills of the indolent.