Monday, January 20, 2014

“So what was Andrew’s mission?” Marlow asked. “Was his mission, from the start, just to rabble-rouse? Yeah, but it was bigger than that."


Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow said during his speech at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention that Andrew Breitbart and the team at Breitbart News have started a “revolution.”

Marlow walked through how he, Andrew, and Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov started Breitbart News in Andrew’s basement and why the fledgling operation gained national prominence. “The keys to success were, first of all, [Andrew] would go out and admit his biases, whereas we admit we’re a right-of-center website... you know that we have a perspective and you judge us accordingly unlike those punks at the LA Times and the New York Times and ABC, NBC, and CBS, who keep telling us they’re unbiased when they’re cooking the books all day long."

Marlow continued:
What he wanted to do is he wanted to give a voice to people who had no voice. He wanted to give a voice to people in Hollywood who feared backlash for having conservative values. He wanted to give a voice to people who were called bigots because they wanted to uphold the value of personal responsibility. He wanted to give a voice to people who fought for freedom that was only one generation away from being lost. He wanted to give a voice to those skeptical of both political parties. And he wanted to give a voice to those who thought that big government isn’t a matter of wonks crunching numbers to come up with the best way to extract the most revenue. Government is a moral issue. It is a moral issue where he wanted to make the case to the American people why every single penny is being taken from their pocket and put into government coffers. He wanted to give those people a voice.
Marlow said that the steps that need to be taken to give a voice to the millions of voiceless around the country who believe in freedom and conservative values start with “level[ing] the playing field.”