Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Into every life a little rain must fall. And Common Core is bringing the rain in torrents. But isn’t it hilarious to see a few truth bolts striking from the storm?

More Common Core: Pay Attention, Democrats - Caleb Howe/Red State

Common Core is an ongoing disaster foisted upon American schools and messing with our kids futures. As an Arkansas mom pointed out recently, we’re forcing our kids to bypass real, efficient problem-solving in favor of .. well, nonsense.

There is a perception, at least in the fever-swamps of the internet that I lovingly call home, that this is an issue that naturally breaks down along party lines. Republicans are against it because they hate science!, and Democrats are for it because they love children once they’re born. In reality, the divide can be more subtle, with small government local control folks at odds with big government, big solutions types. Common Core divides Bobby Jindal from Jeb Bush, for example, and typically anti-standardized testing democrats are finding themselves anew and in agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and the evil oil barons at Exxon. But in general terms, people see it as Dimocrats against Rethuglicans. Only, now, there may be reason for both sides to take another sideways glance....