Monday, October 21, 2013

The Next Step: Four Ways to Fight Obamacare

The always excellent Michael Cannon of Cato has a post over at Forbes with advice for the free-market movement about what to do next in the fight against Obamacare. He suggests that, rather than fight among themselves about whether or not the Cruz-Lee strategy was good or bad, they should focus on the following four things: - Veronique de Rugy/National Review
Stop the Medicaid expansion in the states.
Get states, employers, and citizens to challenge the IRS’s illegal Obamacare taxes.
Educate states about how to block the IRS’s illegal taxes legislatively.
Urge House investigators to subpoena all materials related to the IRS’s illegal taxes.
His whole piece is a must-read (also follow all of his links for more information on each point).

The last three points are very important.

Save The Knives For ObamaCare: Four Ways To Actually Defund The ACA - Michael F. Cannon/Forbes

...ObamaCare justifies drastic measures. Opponents spent political capital taking a principled stand against a law whose roll-out has been a two-week-long train wreck. Even die-hard supporters like Ezra Klein have called it a “disaster.” Former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs has said heads should roll, and nobody knows whether the administration can get its act together before the health insurance “Exchanges” crater. If it can’t, the defund strategy will make all ObamaCare opponents appear prescient....

A good test of whether defunders or detractors are more committed to stopping ObamaCare will be which side is the first to put away the knives and get to work.