Friday, October 25, 2013

"It's time to end all this arguing. Obama should take the Secret Service, go to Capitol Hill and shoot every Republican dead. Then he should call up the National Guard, round up every Tea Party member and put them in prison camps. Yeah I know people will whine about democracy, but sometimes you have to kill democracy to save it. We cannot tolerate two parties anymore. It's time for the Democrats to put their foot down. We only have one sane party, so there should only be one party. It works for China."

That was a comment from Joe in NY on the New York Times website.

PEACE, LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING: New York Times commenters urge Obama administration to kill Republican lawmakers - Doug Ross

I make light of their fascist instincts, but this is what passes for "informed commentary" over at The New York Times. Curiously enough, the Times seems to be okay with this sort of invective since these comments have been up for more than a day.

And it's not just the rabid kooks who read the Times. Unfortunately, this kind of fascistic behavior is becoming all too commonplace for the increasingly radicalized Democrat Party.