Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh – Apparently The White House Was The Source For Dick Durbin’s “Top House Republican” Smear

This is an update to yesterday’s story about Little Dick Durbin’s October 20 spurious Facebook post that has had tongues wagging in Washington, this week. Durbin wrote, “in a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you.’” - Nice Deb

Yesterday, the White House flatly denied that it happened, while Dick Durbin stood by his story.... So Harry Reid was spreading lies, again, and the White House is covering his behind by saying it was a “miscommunication.” As if something like that can be miscommunicated.

White House gave false “can’t stand to look at you” meme to Harry Reid, who gave it to Durbin, who went public - Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion

It gets more interesting.

It turns out that Dick Durbin wasn’t “lying” if by lying you mean saying something he knew to be untrue. It was curious why Durbin would not name names. Now we know. He would have had to name Harry Reid as his source.

The White House gave the line to Harry Reid, who read it to the Democratic Senate caucus, one of whose members — Durbin — went public with it. The story still was false, and the White House is claiming a “miscommunication.”

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