Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Greatest Locked Out Generation: “They’re Not Going To Keep Us Locked Out.”

President Obama’s decision to lock out WWII veterans from their memorial, as well as his decisions to block the Iwo Jima Memorial, to drive Vietnam veterans from the Vietnam Memorial, close the Normandy cemetary, obstruct the views people who have driven great distances to see Mount Rushmore, tried to close Mount Vernon though it is private owned and operated and now to begin to evict seniors from private homes all in a desperate attempt to arrest his falling poll numbers and reverse the effects of the Syrian-Russian fiascos of September are not working to arrest his fall from grace. - Hugh Hewitt

Twelve unprecedented, completely unnecessary actions made by the Obama administration during the government shutdown. - Buzzfeed

1. Closing The Lincoln Memorial
2. Barricading The WWII Memorial
3. Removing Vietnam Veterans From Their Own Memorial
4. Attempting To Shut Down Privately-Owned Mount Vernon
5. Ordering The Closure Of A Colonial Farm The Gov. Hasn’t Supported Since 1980
6. Refusing To Let Arizona Reopen The Grand Canyon
7. Threatening To Arrest Priests If They Celebrate Mass On Military Bases During Shutdown
8. Forcing Property Owners Out Of Their Homes On Federal Land
9. Shutting Down A Bunch Of Government Websites Even If Its Cheaper To Keep Them Up
10. Threatening To Cancel The Air Force-Navy Football Game For No Reason
11. Barricading The MLK Memorial
12. Barricading Iwo Jima Memorial

Michigan’s national park Barrycades fall to citizens - Twitchy

Patriots make a stand “heard ’round the world” at barrycaded Concord Bridge and Minuteman Park - Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion
Park Rangers Ordered to ‘Make Life Difficult’ During Shutdown - Washington Free Beacon
When Mettle Meets the Toads - Clarice Feldman/American Thinker

Two battles were joined this week, one on Capitol Hill and another at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (the symbolic core of which is known as Bascom Hill). In both cases, free men who refused to be cowed struck back at overreaching tyrants.