Monday, October 13, 2014


Former Human Events editor and the current brains and brawn behind The Daily Surge Jason Mattera is a fearless journalist–operating in a town where other journalists sprinkle fear on their morning Corn Flakes. - Neil W. McCabe/HUMAN EVENTS

Mattera’s video of his confrontation with Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) is an example of his taking on the people in power and asking what no one else will ask, face-to-face.

In the video, released to coincide with his new book “Crapitalism,” illustrates nicely how comfortable Reid and the Democrats have become basking in the warm glow a supportive press. When the goons in Reid’s protection detail rough up the reporter asking how Reid became a wealthy man, while spending his adult life as a public servant, the majority leader does not turn around to call off his dogs.

Rather, he keeps shuffling along, not even turning to see what the noise is about as one goon shoves Mattera up against a wall.

Oh, the alley where this took place? Actually, it was a hallway in the U.S. Capitol.