Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is the eternal campaign coming to an end?

Say Goodbye to OFA - Weekly Standard

That’s campaigning and that’s what Organizing for America was meant to do. Keep on campaigning, even after the candidate has won the election and was in Washington...

It was, as Philip Bump of the Washington Post reports:
… designed to essentially be the Obama presidential campaign, made eternal. "Obama For America" became the non-profit "Organizing For Action" early last year, with the hope of continuing the campaign's energy, organizing, and fundraising prowess to generate support for the president's policy positions.
Now, the organization has:
… told donors that it will stop requesting large contributions this year, even as it has reportedly shed half of its staff.

According to The Hill, the beleaguered supporters of the President are frustrated by the White House’s continued requests for donations, for which they get nothing in return. On Monday night, Obama orchestrated his 22nd fundraiser of 2014 and his 60th since he won the election in 2012. One Democratic strategist observed, “There’s definitely some donor fatigue in a lukewarm environment… They are tired of giving and giving and they know there’s not much more the president can do.”