Sunday, May 18, 2014

Seventh VA office finds secret wait list — with over 200 veterans on it

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki declared himself “mad as hell” over the allegations of wait-list fraud in Phoenix, where 40 veterans passed away before accessing medical assistance while the office falsified records.

...Marco Rubio sent out a statement this morning demanding everything the VA currently has on its wait-list scandal:
“I am troubled by new reports suggesting secret waiting lists were being kept at the Gainesville VA hospital, potentially to the detriment of our veterans’ health. This would be outrageous in its own right, but it’s even more so because of the pervasive problems emerging about the VA each day in all corners of the country.

“Earlier this week, I asked VA Secretary Shinseki for all information regarding secret VA waiting lists in Florida and Biloxi, MS. I don’t want to wait until everything is ready. I want to see what is available now, starting with Gainesville.

“It also highlights the need to bring real accountability to the VA. From problems in Phoenix to Miami and now potentially Gainesville too, we’ve seen plenty of finger-pointing and excuses, but no one actually being fired for incompetence and negligence in the performance of their duties. As an easy first step, Congress should approve the VA reform bill Congressman Jeff Miller and I have introduced.”
Let’s not forget that the VA first found out about wait-list fraud more than a year ago, and again last fall. Shinseki’s very late to the party to declare himself “mad as hell” about it, and especially to pledge to take responsibility for reform. ◼ Jim Geraghty calls this a familiar refrain in this administration...