Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Feds paid $4.9 MILLION to create a hypothetical utopian with plans of a United Nations ‘youth movement’ to help usher in a ‘new world order’ by 2070

Feds Paid $4.9 Million to Create Hypothetical Utopian Climate Change Future - Washington Free Beacon

The National Science Foundation (NSF) gave nearly $5 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to create scenarios based on America’s actions on climate change, including a utopian future where everyone rides a bike and courts forcibly take property from the wealthy.

The government has awarded $4,911,961 for the project, which is slated to run until March 2016 and for which the school has created a website suggesting different possibilities of what Yahara, a Wisconsin watershed, will be like in 2070.

In the scenario where Americans “shift our values,” people live in hippie-like communes after “youth culture” convinces the world to give up their cars and eat vegetarian....

Rosa celebrates a court decision that forcibly took property from wealthy individuals as a required step to place the community above the individual.

“Even though most Yaharans had become more willing to undertake serious conservation measures, the willingness was not universal, especially when certain sacrifices were required,” she tells her granddaughter in the story. “To create the preserve, Grandpa had to convince several wealthy residents to give up either some of their property or their control of it.”

When some individuals refused, a coalition took them to court, which unanimously ruled in favor of building a community beach.

“It was a glorious victory!” Rosa says. “Oh, how we celebrated! It symbolized how far we’d come in putting the good of our communities and our environment before the desires of the individual. The triumph was proof the Great Transition had arrived.”

...The University of Wisconsin-Madison project is similar to the $5.6 million the NSF awarded to Columbia University to record “voicemails from the future” that paint a picture of an earth destroyed due to climate change.