Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BBC goes PC: The word 'girl' too offensive to broadcast...

BBC mauled for ruling 'girl' is offensive word: MP leads growing outcry at politically correct censorship - Daily Mail

BBC cut the 'G-word' from repeat of a Commonwealth Games documentary
Critics attack the move, saying it is 'finding offence where none is taken'
Corporation spokesman says the word was cut 'just in case'

...Feminist novelist Kathy Lette also joined the storm of critcicism, saying: ‘If the athlete didn’t find it upsetting, why should the BBC mount their politically correct high horse and gallop off into the sanctimonious sunset?’

And viewers expressed their anger at the move. Andrew Ramsbottom wrote on Twitter: ‘Ha, now the BBC has really lost the plot. We now have the G-word that is not PC! Girl is now deemed sexist and can’t be used. Just wrong!’
Garry Sawyer added: ‘The BBC has gone PC mad, deleting the word “girl” from a doco for being sexist, what is this world coming to?’

Stephen Williams highlighted the corporation’s poor record of featuring women presenters aged over 50. He said: ‘BBC edit out word “girl” as though it might be construed as sexist! Dumping older women broadcasters alright though.’