Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shutdown ceremony: Wedding party Barrycaded from park salutes Obama in style [pics]

Spite House Shutdown Theater continues to backfire. - Twitchy

Citizens are reopening their inns and restaurants, delivering Barrycades to the White House, and protesting the closure of monuments and memorials. And they’re placing the blame where it belongs: with President Petulant whose shutdown shenanigans are preventing weddings from taking place in national parks.

Man who cut grass at memorial blocked from using mower; American ingenuity kicks in! [pic]

So awesome. Twitchy reported on the citizen who defied the petulance in chief’s shutdown snit fit orders and mowed the lawn at the Barrycaded Lincoln Memorial....Chris Cox was then told that lawn mowers and chainsaws are prohibited. Can’t have that! So, what did he do?