Thursday, October 17, 2013

Speaking of Domestic Terrorists, How about Obama's buddy, Bill Ayers?

Ayers' Fire-Bombing Victim Responds To Ayers' "Moral" Advice in New "Teaching & Parenting" Book - Townhall

John Murtagh was just 9-years-old when Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground buds planted a bomb on his father's car and another inside their house. John's father was a sitting judge on a case prosecuting Black Panthers for (ironically) fire-bomb attacks.

Deconstructing Bill Ayers - Jack Cashill/American Thinker

...Although Ayers likes to think of himself as a dissident -- the book's subtitle claims he is one -- Dr. Spock tended to Baby Chesa. Robert Redford nodded to Ayers at the Sundance Film Festival. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins shared a "group hug" with him on the red carpet before the Oscars. Academic superstars Edward Said and Stanley Fish palled around with him. Famed conductor Zubin Mehta hung out with him occasionally. Barbara Walters and ABC's Robin Roberts chatted him up. And, my favorite, the president of the McArthur Foundation just happened to stop by on September 11 when he and his Weather bride were having dinner with their best pals, the Rashid Khalidis. Dissident, my ass....