Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Was President Obama the leaker?

(Take it with a grain of salt) - Journ-O-list Ezra Klein, Washington Post

...If Obama so welcomed this debate, his administration could have released the details on these proposals long ago. Doing so would, at the least, have allowed them to deliver a precise description of what is and isn’t going on, thus avoiding the “numerous inaccuracies” James Clapper, director of national intelligence, decries but doesn’t identify.

But the Obama administration didn’t release the details on these programs. In fact, they’ve pursued an energetic war on the kinds of leaks that have led to details on these programs. So for Obama to say he “welcomes” this debate is a bit rich. He did everything in his power to keep it from happening. He may still try and throw the people who did create this debate in jail.

Unless, of course, he actually was the leaker.

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