Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AB 711 would ban lead ammunition for hunting

It may not seem like it, but it’s been more than a generation now that lead shot was banned for all waterfowl hunting and replaced with materials such as steel. - George deVilbiss/Auburn Journal

In regions where the condor soars, all lead-based ammunition has been banned, and the condor has made a great comeback from nearly depleted numbers.

Now there’s a move in the state Legislature to ban all lead ammunition via AB 711. That means you can’t be in possession of any lead-based ammunition for all hunting anywhere in the state. Stores would have in stock nothing but non-lead ammunition.

AB 711 recently passed its committee test with vote of a 9 ayes, 5 no’s and one abstain to advance to the Assembly Floor. If it becomes law, the ban would take full effect in 2016.

When I contacted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, I was told the bill was under review and DFW hadn’t taken a position. Now that the bill is advancing, there is an urgency factor if you’re like many recreational shooters and hunters that oppose the bill.

If you oppose the bill, contact your legislator immediately. The vote could come soon.

AB 711 Assembly Bill - Bill Analysis - leginfo.ca.gov

California Lead Ammunition Ban (AB 711) Goes to Assembly Floor - NRA/ILA

Contact your state Assemblyman IMMEDIATELY

Earlier this week, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee voted 11 to 5 to approve a proposed statewide lead ammunition ban for all hunting, Assembly Bill 711. AB 711 would make California the first state in the nation to prohibit the use of all lead ammunition for hunting. This bill now goes to the state Assembly floor where it is expected to be brought up for a vote soon. The NRA urges all hunters, recreational shooters and gun owners to actively oppose AB 711. We strongly urge you to contact members of the state Assembly. Please forward this alert to your family, friends, fellow sportsmen and gun owners throughout California and urge them to do the same. Contact information for all state Assemblymen can be found here.

Be sure to check out HuntForTruth.org’s ◼ shocking new video opposing AB 711 and its recent hard-hitting rebuttal to the bill sponsor’s alleged “facts” sheet in support of the bill. This video and the rebuttal reveal the truth regarding lead ammunition, and expose the misinformation being spread by the ammunition ban proponents in their latest attack on hunters that is being disguised as a campaign to “get the lead out.”

Please act now! Visit the HuntForTruth.org website and Facebook page and “like” us, “share us with your friends, and anyone else you think may be interested in helping to fight this serious assault on hunting. You can also follow HuntforTruth.org on YouTube.

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You can also remain informed on important issue to hunters, like California’s AB 711 and other attempts to ban traditional ammunition at ◼ NRAhuntersrights.org.

It has long been theorized the federal and state governments may attempt to significantly regulate ammunition as a roundabout way to infringe on the right of the general populace to keep and bear arms. - gunssavelivesa.net

Take Action! California sportsmen and women must contact their State Senators today. Tell them to vote NO on AB 711. To find your Senator’s contact information visit the ◼ USSA Legislative Action Center

California Governor Jerry Brown
State Senator Noreen Evans
State Assembly Wesley Chesbro