Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letter to the Republican Presidential Candidates from a Former Democrat

(S)peaking as an ex-Democrat, you all have a real opponent. His name is Barack Obama and at that Vegas event he was barely mentioned. - Roger L Simon at Pajamas Media

To most Republican voters these days his political demise is way more important than the identity of his successor. The war cry is ABO – Anybody But Obama – and it should be.

So ix-nay on the itriol-vay, even though we all know the media conspire to increase it. There’s nothing better than a slugfest. But don’t play into them. Again, you are giving the enemy what they want, but you are simultaneously doing something worse – you are diminishing the opportunity for meaningful dialogue.

Every minute spent in minor internecine rivalry is a minute spent away from the ideas that can cure our dire situation.