Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guess who says that Republicans should stop demonizing their opponents?

Let’s see … would this be the same woman who accused Republicans of wanting to “literally drag us back to Jim Crow days“? - HotAir

The same Democrat who said that a failure to agree with Democrats on spending amounted to something “almost like dictatorship“? The member of Congress who described Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform as “throw you to the wolves,” which two different media outlets exposed as completely false? The same DNC chair who produced an ad attacking Ryan’s plan by pushing an old lady out of a wheelchair and over a cliff? The woman who told the House Budget Committee that Ryan’s overall budget amounted to a “death trap for seniors” and “a tornado through nursing homes“? Is this the same party as a Congressman who accused the Tea Party of wanting to see African-Americans “hanging on a tree”?

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