Monday, January 29, 2018

Obama never understood that America needed a good economy: President Trump, with his tax cuts and deregulation, did.

Quote: “America is open for business, and we are competitive once again.”

End quote. That was just one of the key lines in President Trump’s highly successful Davos speech this week.

…Trump’s polices, in just one year, have begun to restructure the American economy. We’ve moved from “secular stagnation” (i.e., high taxes, massive regulation, huge government spending, and a disdain for business and investors) to a new private-sector incentive system that rewards success.

By slashing individual and corporate tax rates, providing 100% immediate expensing for plants and technology, and making it easy for big companies who fled our high-tax system to bring the money back home, he has ended the war against business and investment.

And it has happened faster than anyone imagined possible....

So, America First came to Davos, and to all the multi-lateral globalists and multi-nationalist elites. And these CEOs, bureaucrats, and academics listened carefully to Trump’s words.

Success has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.

...His (Terry Moran's) piece... leaves out the flip, or shadow side to the central point he's making: That unlike Trump, the Obama administration never thought the U.S. needed a good economy.

President Obama thought stimulus packages, welfare, and free stuff packages and Obamacare would serve as an adequate substitute.

He left tax cuts for the birds, thinking no one would ever take them up after he bloated up the government, because nobody would ever have the nerve to reduce it, let alone trust people with more money in their pockets.

To Obama, people didn't need money, they needed programs, with bureaucrats monitoring and administering the goodies, rewarding the 'good' and punishing the 'bad' (such as the tea parties). it's why he started so many of them. It's why he hired so many bureaucrats and took over so much - from health care to government land.

All he refused to do was cut taxes. But by leaving tax cuts on the table, it was an easy thing for Trump to snap up the opportunity, work with Congress on a tax cut plan, and just run with it. In a nation pent-up with uncut taxes, the result has been absolutely stellar...

Trump knew the U.S. needed a good economy. Obama didn't. Moran may echo 'it's the economy, stupid,' but that's just Clintonese nostalgia. In America today, it's known as 'Make America Great Again.'

On Thursday, USA Today headlined the possibility, with an accompanying video, that President Donald Trump might "be giving a speech to a empty room in Davos" on Friday. It didn't work out that way....

CNN, despite predictably lukewarm coverage, acknowledged that "Trump spoke to a packed conference hall on Friday, and more attendees watched on screens in three overflow rooms."

The Associated Press all but admitted that attendees were Trump admirers:
Trump addressed the crowd of over 1,500 people packed into a high-ceilinged hall in the modern conference center. Anticipation was high from attendees, who have watched the president closely since he arrived, snapping photos when he entered and as he moved from room to room.