Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hacked Soros Documents Reveal Some Big Dark Money Surprises

Last Saturday, a group called DC Leaks posted over 2,500 documents hacked from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a group run by leftist billionaire George Soros. The leak reveals Soros' funding of a wide range of activities: the Black Lives Matter movement, influencing the European elections in 2014, swaying a Supreme Court decision, smearing political activists, and attacking the nation of Israel.

But you likely haven't heard about these key "dark money" revelations. Soros has given $7 million to the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA and has dedicated $25 million to support Democrats and their causes. His fundraising matters politically, and should be a big story.

But The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, CBS News, and other major media outlets did not even report on the leak, much less the stories revealed by it.

To rectify this coverage gap, PJ Media is presenting 5 of the biggest stories released so far. Enjoy!

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