Monday, August 22, 2016

Frank Luntz: Democrats in my focus group had a more negative response to Hillary's lies than Republicans

A veteran Republican pollster tested some of Hillary Clinton's statements about her honesty on a focus group, and the results weren't pretty.

On CBS News on Monday, Frank Luntz showed voters video clips of the Democratic nominee, and Democrats actually reacted more negatively than Republicans when seeing Clinton attempt to defend her honesty.

In the first clip, Clinton tells CBS that she has always "tried" to tell the truth.

A chart on-screen that measured voters' reactions showed the green line, for Democrats, plunging even farther than Republicans' when Clinton insisted that she doesn't believe she's ever lied.

Luntz said it was "one of the worst responses on the campaign trail" he'd ever seen, and "not just in this election."

"You don't try to tell the truth — either you do or you don't," Luntz said. "The more that she said, the lower the line went, not just for Republicans but for Democrats as well."...