Sunday, February 1, 2015

We need a president who believes in America

If there’s anything we’ve learned in six years of President Obama’s administration it’s that he doesn’t like us or trust us very much, and that he believes we’re not very smart. We need to replace him with a president who believes in America. - JIM GILMORE/Washington Examiner

We need a president who believes in America, who trusts and believes in the American people. Americans are smart enough to know that the greatest business successes, the quantum leaps in technology that have made our economy the greatest the world has ever seen, and the most beneficial developments in medicine didn’t come from the government. They came from individual Americans who were able to make those things happen because the government didn’t stand in their way. People such as David Packard, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates put computers in our hands, not the government.

The Republican Party is the natural choice to give America that president, but we must select a candidate who will enact policies that allow Americans to do what they do best: Create a robust and thriving economy. For starters, across-the-board tax cuts will free up capital that businesses — not government — can use to create jobs and turn our meager recovery into an explosion of growth and innovation.... KEEP READING