Thursday, February 5, 2015

Watch the media game in action: CNN's Chris Cuomo pushes the latest liberal attack on conservatives/Republicans

CNN's Cuomo: GOP is 'Always Pushing Back Against Science'; Hounds Ben Carson on Vaccines - Newsbusters

CUOMO: Understood. I'm not saying that Republicans are getting sick more. I'm saying that they're talking about the sickness more in ways that may not be productive. For example, what you say about, well, maybe people being introduced. That sounds like code for illegal immigration to me. Is that a point you're trying to make? Are you trying to make the measles situation into an immigration argument?

CARSON: It's not code, and I'm not trying to make it into any particular argument. I'm stating what the facts are. The facts are there are people in our country-

CUOMO: Right-

CARSON: Who have been lax, in terms of their vigilance of getting their kids immunized; and we have people coming in who are not necessarily being properly screened. That's not making any issue. That's stating facts.

CUOMO: Well, do we know that it's a fact? Do we know that any of the cases are from people who came into the country illegally and didn't have their kids vaccinated?

CARSON: Let me put it this way: if I found you somebody who came in from another country who had not been vaccinated and caused a problem, would that convince you?

CUOMO: Yes, as much as you would want to value-

CARSON: No, it would not.

CUOMO: No, of course. You want the – you want the supposition to have something behind it other than something that can – you know, just prejudice people against immigrants. So, of course, it would give some validity to it. That's why I'm surprised you'd say that without that in your pocket.

CARSON: It's not to prejudice anybody. But we have to deal with reality. And if you have people coming into your country who have not been properly screened; who have not had the same kind of care as the people in this country; I don't think you have to be a genius to figure out that that could introduce some communicable problems.