Monday, October 27, 2014

Psssst, Here’s What We Do When We Win (Don’t Tell The Liberals)

Democrats are trying to rally their indolent base by painting a picture of a Republican-controlled Congress as the progressives’ worst nightmare. It’s important that we conservatives make that beautiful dream come true. - Kurt Schlichter/TOWNHALL @KurtSchlichteR

...Thom Tillis is going to beat Kate Hagan by talking about her staggering corruption. Joni Ernst is going to clock Bruce Braley by attacking his smug farmerphobia. And Corey Gardner is going to out-War on Women Mark Uterus by mocking the leering Democrat weirdo’s gyno obsession. Why would our candidates stop the fun and give their opponents ammo by talking about the next two years?

...But we conservatives, among ourselves, do need to discuss our game plan as Election Day approaches since it appears that the GOP establishment might actually not blow it like it usually does. Our agenda should be very simple.

We need to neuter Barack Obama while setting the conditions to defeat Hillary Clinton and keep the Congress in 2016.

That’s it. That’s got to be our agenda.

After all, there is only one real problem in America – progressivism. Left untreated, that political cancer will metastasize and kill our country. Destroying progressivism must be our sole goal – and we need to do it with a smile so we don’t scare the gutless moderates....

We need to be committed to defeating these people. Comprehensively. Completely. Permanently. Remember that our opponents are the same bunch of cryptofascists who recently voted to limit the First Amendment’s freedom of speech. We know how they feel about the freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms. The only Constitutional rights these people believe in are the ones that aren’t in the Constitution.

We need to take on popular causes that mix good policy with great politics.... KEEP READING