Friday, September 26, 2014

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's Sister on Timing of Holder Resignation: "Not a Coincidence"

EXCLUSIVE - Katie Pavlich/Townhall
..."I do not find it a coincidence that Eric Holder chose now to resign after Judge Bates denied the request from the DOJ to delay the release of the Fast and Furious documents. I personally think Eric Holder was really hoping that the documents would never be made public to my family and the American people," Terry-Willis tells Townhall. "Will we ever get the accountability for my brother, Brian, Jaime Zapata and every other person who lost their lives to the guns from this horrific scandal? I don't know, but I have a serious gut feeling when we finally see what is in those documents....the dynamics of this investigation are going to change and hopefully the people involved are brought to justice. Eric Holder can run, but there will be no hiding. The truth always reveals itself."

In a separate statement put out on behalf of the Brian Terry Foundation, family spokesman Ralph Terry says Holder's resignation is welcomed....
GOP to Obama: Don't replace Holder in lame-duck Congress - The Hill

The Eric Holder Tragedy - New York Sun Editorial
The resignation — if that’s what it is — of Attorney General Eric Holder signals the end of one of the most divisive tenures in the history of the cabinet. It was no doubt inevitable after Mr. Holder was determined, in a bi-partisan vote, to be in criminal contempt of the 112th United States House. He became the only sitting cabinet officer in history to be so found. He reacted to the contempt finding with more contempt. From that point on his tenure in office was unsustainable....

We mention that to underline that we are not, reflexively, in the anti-Holder camp. All the greater our disappointment in his conduct of his office. His default in the fast-and-furious gun-running case was the kind of thing for which he should have taken responsibility and resigned; to have instead spent years fighting the investigation was shocking and to have allowed it to get to the point of criminal contempt, which is what the House found him to have committed, is a scandal.

More broadly one can lay to Mr. Holder some of the responsibility for the souring of Mr. Obama’s presidency. The eloquent Illinoisan, after all, had been lofted to office on a huge vote. He was the first African-American president. How unifying his presidency could have been. Yet his attorney general spurned, even mocked, the Supreme Court’s civil rights rulings, took a litigious approach to the border states inundated with undocumented immigrants, and aggravated a divided Congress.