Monday, September 22, 2014

Colorado Citizens Ordered to Smoke More Pot/

Dear Comrades - The People's Cube

Due to a $21 million shortfall in Collectivization goals for Colorado Oblast, the Colorado Regional Soviet has declared that all citizens under its jurisdiction are to immediately increase their consumption of State-sponsored marijuana products in order to meet the Party’s plan for $33 million in taxes for the first six months of marijuana legalization.

Kulaks and those hoarding People’s Dollars can expect a visit from the Oblast’s Drug Enforcement Agency, which is tasked with enforcing consumption and checking each citizen’s government-mandated supply of marijuana, both in smoke-able and non-smoke-able forms. Any citizen found without evidence of his receiving his fair share of marijuana will be brought to his local dispensary in order to meet his obligatory goals according to the Party’s compulsory Marijuana Usage Chart....

A few russian words they left untranslated... Oblast: "region", somewhat similar to a US county....Soviet: word literally means "Council," a nominally elective body in USSR. And, for the uninitiated: ◼ The definition of the /sarc tag.

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