Monday, May 12, 2014

Bloomberg on Benghazi, What’d You Expect Hillary To Do?' (Since You Asked, Here's List)

What'd I expect her to do? I don't know, perhaps on day one when everybody knew it was a terrorist attack, perhaps she could have told the truth instead of bringing up a cockamamie story about a you tube video.... - Yid With Lid

What Bloomberg doesn't understand, and what the Democrats and Mainstream media doesn't understand either, is the families of the victims do deserve the truth....but even more so the American people deserve to know if they were lied to by their leaders. Progressives seem to believe that Americans should learn the government's talking points and believe every single character of every single word. That is not what America is about. We have a tradition of a healthy mistrust of government because our omnipresent fear of tyranny. We have never followed government talking points like a line of lemmings walking off the cliff...and that's part of what keeps us free.