Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#SOTU The State Of The Union

62% See State of the Union Speech As Just for Show - Rasmussen

A sizable majority of voters plan to watch or follow news reports about President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight, but more voters than ever view the annual speech as just for show rather than setting an actual agenda.

22 'Fun Facts' on the Obama Economy People Should Know Before the State of the Union - IJ Review
◼ The Number Of Americans That Have Joined The Food Stamp Program Since Obama Took Office:
19.4 Million.
◼ The Number Of People Unemployed At The End Of Obama’s Fifth Year As President:
10.4 Million.
◼ The Number Of People Working Part-Time That Would Like To Work Full-Time:
7.8 Million.
◼ The Number Of People That Have Entered Poverty Since 2008:
6.7 Million.
◼ Americans Who Received Cancellation Notices For Their Health Plans Due To ObamaCare After Obama Promised They Could Keep Their Plans In His 2010 State Of The Union Address:
5 Million.
◼ The Number of New Ideas Expected From Obama’s 2014 State Of The Union Address:
0. More, at the link.
Common Core advocates beg Obama not to mention them in State of the Union address - Sean Higgins/Washington Examiner

Obama’s army of one a terrible way of governing - Washington Times EDITORIAL

The latest ABC News-Washington Post survey counts a majority of registered voters who disapprove of the way the White House has handled health care and the economy. Sixty-two percent say America is on the wrong track “moving forward,” as the cliche goes.

Given the Obamacare fiasco, rampant unemployment and no economic growth, how could it be otherwise? What ought to concern all the president’s men is how tarnished Mr. Obama’s reputation has become.

When Barack Obama took the oath of office on a chilly January day in 2009, he did so on a wave of joyous enthusiasm. Even those who did not share the enthusiasm could nevertheless feel it. Seventy-two percent of voters told ABC’s pollsters on that day that Mr. Obama “understands the problems of people like us.”

Fast-forward to 2014, and now 52 percent now say that he just doesn’t understand them at all. A mere 37 percent are confident now that Mr. Obama will make the right choices. America finds the man in the Oval Office to be arrogant, out of touch and out of his depth.

Barack Obama’s State of Disaster - Larry Johnson/No Quarter

Seriously, is anyone going to watch the charade tonight? You know, the so-called “STATE OF THE UNION” address? Most Americans are fed up with Barack Obama’s lies and delusions. ...

Full of Sound and Fury… - Vodkapundit/PJMedia