Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Responses to the #SOTU

Bobby Jindal: In his State of the Union speech tonight, President Obama said he wants every child to have same chance this country gave him. Oh really? His Department of Justice is standing in the school house door in Louisiana.

The President’s rhetoric doesn’t match his action. His Department of Justice wants to keep low-income, minority children trapped in failing schools.

Tom Del Beccaro: #‎Obama‬ ‪#‎SOTU‬ lie: "The United States is more secure." America is not more secure with al Qaeda or Iran closer to a bomb/Middle East on fire

Darrell Issa Responds to State of the Union:

‘Highest approval in the building’: Politicians anxious to meet Willie Robertson at SOTU - Twitchy, Who Said What on Twitter

A Small, Incoherent State of the Union Address - Stephen F. Hayes/Weekly Standard

The speech was long, more than an hour. At times it was defiant, at others it felt almost conciliatory. But mostly the speech was forgettable, disposable – a long list of modest policy proposals that will not be remembered for much longer than their echo in the House chamber.

An Instantly Forgettable State of the Union Address - Guy Benson/Townhall
Re-state of the Union - John Stossel/Townhall
Republicans bash Obama for overstepping bounds - Politico

Marco Rubio: “I think it’s unfortunate, I think it’s divisive and quite frankly, borderline unconstitutional on many of those issues,” Rubio said. “I understand the [legislative] process takes long and can be frustrating, but I think it truly undermines the republic.”

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said the president requested more controversial pieces of legislation — like immigration reform — than he did when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.

“Suddenly he wants things that Republicans won’t give him that he didn’t ask Democrats to do — it seems like a lot of theatrics,” Huelskamp said. Huelskamp said he joked with fellow members that he’s going to file legislation that doesn’t require a presidential signature.

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