Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Sold on a lie, cloaked in deception and passed on a trick just this side of legal, [Obamacare] is not merely an outlier but also an outlaw in the legislative history of our republic. It deserves no respect, gets none from the public and therefore can't last very long."

It may be 'the law,' but Obamacare deserves no respect - Noemie Emery/Washington Examiner

...Fans of the law say it was passed fair and square by both houses of Congress, declared constitutional by the high court of the country and reaffirmed by President Obama's election in 2012. Of these things, only the second is accurate, as polls now make clear that Obama would not have won in 2012 had people known what was in his pet project -- and pains were taken to ensure this was so.

The bill was designed so as not to unfold for three years after passage, and news of its contents was largely suppressed. As the Washington Post reported Dec. 14, key parts of the plan were delayed for a year for political reasons, so no word of them would get out to the public until the election was over. (Can't let the voters know what they're voting on.) And then there's the fact that Obama lied at least 29 times when he told the people they could keep their plans and their doctors, which he certainly knew wasn't true.

As for Congress, the law was in fact passed by both of its houses, but "fair and square" hardly describes it....