Monday, January 6, 2014

Contrary to Melissa Harris-Perry’s apologies, neither she nor any of her guests on that fateful segment looked at that photo and saw an adorable adopted child surrounded by his loving family.


...This is getting really weird. MSNBC really is becoming a lunatic asylum, run by people in various stages of mental and emotional breakdown. For all the liberals who want to bring Fox News down by comparing it to the twisted monstrosity of unhinged partisan id you’ve created over at MSNBC: there is no comparison....

One of the Left’s core beliefs is that politics define identity. That’s why they’re willing to give all sorts of Democrat malefactors a pass for behavior that would get a Republican eviscerated. If a Democrat has the correct position on “women’s issues,” for example, his actual treatment of women is completely irrelevant. Likewise, a loving and loyal family man like Mitt Romney was ruthlessly savaged as “anti-woman” throughout the 2012 campaign. Even his mention of accepting a binder full of women’s resumes from a feminist group was twisted into some sort of Freudian slip that supposedly revealed his deep-seated misogyny. And this is the man who once shut down his entire corporate operation to help search for a kidnapped girl!

This is also why a pack of left-wing bobbleheads reflexively treated a photo of Romney bouncing a black child on his knee as an opportunity to accuse his entire family of tokenism with their “humorous” reactions.

...Mitt Romney appeared on “Fox News Sunday” this week and was very gracious about accepting what he described as Harris-Perry’s “heartfelt” apology. ”We hold no ill will whatsoever,” he said on behalf of his family.

What she's apologizing for:

Inside the Turmoil at MSNBC: The Network Responds - Eliana Johnson/National Review Online