Monday, January 6, 2014

Antarctica Freezes Over Despite the Global Warming Jabberwocky

The Death of the Scientific Mind - Red State

All of this narrative brings us back to the deep, underlying question; “WT_?” A nicer way to ask what happened to these intrepid Clouseaus of Climatology would be along these lines. “How did our understanding of the Earth’s Climate glaciate to the point where professional scientists put forth the hypothesis that Antarctic Sea Ice would be non-existent this year and then sally forth to prove it without even performing perfunctory pre-mission analysis necessary to enhance their probabilities of self-preservation?” Asked more simply; “WT_?”


In the last decade the environmentalist have peddled harsh laws to install climate change strategies. However, many of these laws don’t pass, and new regulations fail to get traction. With global warming at a standstill for most of the last two decades and – much to Al Gore’s chagrin – plenty of ice still on the polar caps, more green groups are firing their CEO’s.

Next to go is Maggie Fox, president and CEO of the Al Gore-founded Climate Reality Project, who will be gone in the Spring. The group was previously called the Alliance for Climate Protection and was part of the unsuccessful environmental movement’s drive to enact cap-and-trade legislation in 2009-10.


The Akademik Shokalskiy first sent out its distress call that it was stuck in ice on Christmas morning and has been lodged there ever since until finally having its passengers saved this week. The Snow Dragon, a Chinese icebreaker, moved closer to the Akademik Shokalskiy but, rather than managing to break a path through which it could escape, the icebreaker got stuck itself. A helicopter the ship brought with it did manage to take some passengers out of the Akademik Shokalskiy before the full rescue. An American vessel, the Polar Star, arrived this week from Australia and is in the process of returning the passengers to Tasmania, where they are expected by mid-January. The ships themselves remain lodged in ice.

The Further Adventures of the Chinese Ice Breaker That Rescued the Global Warming Scientists - Rick Moran/PJMedia
An Australian ice-breaker carrying the rescued passengers has been placed on standby in case the Chinese ship, Xue Long, needs assistance. - BBC (image source)
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Price to Americans for helping other countries deal with “climate change”: $7.45 Billion.Now that the ‘Ship of Fools’ is safe in Antarctica, tough questions need to be asked... will the Akademik Shokalskiy join the list of recent ships that have been sunk in Antarctic waters?
Rescue of trapped climate-change researchers from ice and blizzard finally succeeds
The Antarctic ‘research’ fiasco: It probably seemed like an excellent idea: Load a bunch of tourists and journalists aboard a ship for an expedition to Antarctica in December (the height of summer at the South Pole) so they can see for themselves how global warming is melting the ice.
So much sea ice in Antarctica that a research vessel gets stuck, in the middle of summer!