Friday, September 20, 2013

With the Stroke of a Pen: How Obama abuses executive power to make the law of the land. UPDATED AND BUMPED

In this 10-part Washington Examiner series, Senior Writer Conn Carroll documents the many times Obama has flagrantly abused executive authority to advance his liberal agenda without congressional approval.

The top 10 instances will be examined over the next two weeks, and more will come later.

◼ Day 1: "With the Stroke of a Pen: How Obama Abuses Executive Power to Make the Law of the Land."
◼ Day 2: "Obamacare mandate is whatever Obama -- or any future president -- says it is"
◼ Day 3: "Obama ignored Congress before launching Libyan war"
◼ Day 4: Obama donor gained nearly $1 billion in tax credits in Solyndra bankruptcy
◼ Day 5: Obama rewrote federal education law as Congress napped

Yet to come:
6. Unconstitutional NLRB appointees
7. The Yucca Mountain delay
8. Gutting welfare reform
9. The Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium
10. Regulating the Internet