Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Syria said Tuesday it has accepted Russia's proposal to place its chemical weapons under international control for subsequent dismantling. - AP

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said Tuesday after meeting with Russian parliament speaker that his government quickly "agreed to the Russian initiative."

Al-Moallem added that Syria did so to "uproot U.S. aggression."

◼ Will the rebels do the same?

First proposed by -- Albert Brooks?
Obama revises address to U.S....
Rebels oppose proposal...

Then, there's this:
Report: Intercepts Caught Assad Repeatedly Rejecting Requests From Field Commanders To Use Chemical Weapons… - Weasel Zippers
Intercepts caught Assad rejecting requests to use chemical weapons, German paper says - McClatchy

Obama now is desperately trying to take credit for this turn around, but that is laughable. At least he is smart enough to jump on this train since his war wagon lost its wheels and horses. Obama was going to be completely emasculated in the House and the Senate had he pressed forward with the Syrian version of a Gulf of Tonkin resolution. - Larry Johnson/No Quarter

Looks like the Saudi/Israeli plan to isolate and weaken Iran has been derailed. As I have noted previously on this blog, the furor over Syria was manufactured by the United States and the United Kingdom as part of a broader strategy designed to go after Iran. Syria was just a proxy, Iran was the real target. But that’s all moot now with Russia’s bold move to put Syria’s chemical weapons under the auspices of international inspectors.

This is a very shrewd move and ultimately will either buy Iran protection and/or isolate Israel. How so? (Answer, at the link)